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We answer the most frequently asked questions about job opportunities at BiHoliday.

Where is the work location?

The work location is either at our villages in Croatia and Italy or at our offices in Fažana and Treviso. More information on this page.

What does BiHoliday - Biasuzzi Spa do?

Biasuzzi Spa is the owner of two important open-air accommodation facilities, the San Francesco Village in Caorle and the BiVillage in Fažana.

BiHoliday is the owner of an international tour operator (BiBooking), a dedicated MICE department (BiEvents) and a specialised training academy (BiAcademy).

What public transport facilities are available to get to the work location?

All companies have local public transport services.

What vacancies are available?

Open vacancies range from receptionists and concierge staff, campsite receptionist, housekeeper, beach worker, warehouse worker and extend to more creative and up-to-date roles such as digital operators, MICE operators, experience creators.

You can see all open vacancies at this link.

How many languages do I need to know?

In addition to Italian for roles based in Italy and Croatian for roles in Croatia, it is necessary to know at least 2 languages among English, German, French, Dutch and Polish.

Do I need to have experience?

Yes, it is required to have at least some experience in the tourism sector for Village-related roles. For the office-related roles, experience in that area is required.

What kind of contract, level and salary is being offered?

The agreement is based on the Tourism contract, while the level is contractualised at the final interview stage and will be appropriate to the role chosen.

What are the working hours?

The working schedule is 40 hours distributed over 6 days per week (one day off).

Working hours and days (including holidays, for vacancies at the villages) depend on the position held and are directly proportional to the role.

What will my salary be? Is accommodation included?

Salary and accommodation allocation will be defined during the final interview. For the latter, subjective requests and objective availability are taken into account.