More than just a tourism company


Commitment to the well-being of guests and employees


Our values

Teamwork, inclusion, and belonging are the fundamental values on which
BiHoliday is based, a company that is attentive to the well-being and satisfaction of its customers and
employees, qualities that have been able to transform a tourist choice into a
safe haven of emotions.


We stick to very precise values

Attention to details, care for environmental and social sustainability, respect for social diversity, an aesthetics of wonder, and the creation of a performing and cohesive team are the key elements that make BiHoliday’s mission ever more performing and competitive over the years, elements also enhanced by the presence of a code of ethics aimed at strengthening personal and group identity.

Charge forward

We look to the future, including yours

The online and offline communication of BiHoliday’s values is one of the company’s leading aspects.

The decision, for example, to use graphic and content-based doodles to explore social topics, which are now indispensable in a dialogue between company and consumer, make BiHoliday’s commitment to the world and to people constant, by means of a recognised and increasingly recognisable brand activism.

Preferential process

Dedicated selection process

With the aim of encouraging local employment, we have provided a dedicated selection process for candidates residing in the Veneto region and the Istrian region. As a matter of fact, we believe that our tourism activities belong to the territories in which they operate, and must contribute, actively and concretely, to their growth in terms of training, employment, innovation.

For these reasons, we have created a certified training programme for new talented candidates, also benefiting from the expertise of the International Centre of Studies on the Tourism Economy (CISET) of the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice.

A unique training experience that will enable participants to enrich their expertise in the hospitality industry.


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About us


‘We are You’ is the statement that best represents the reality of BiHoliday. A tourism company and much more: a place where teamwork is about starting to build a professional future through a unique experience. BiHoliday is the place of everyone’s choice. A place where one can really feel oneself and where work performance is constantly combined with a sense of belonging to a winning and incredible work project.


Our partners

To provide high-level training, we collaborate with professionals from the tourism and hospitality-oriented digital industry. These include the International Centre of Studies on Tourism Economy (CISET) and Jampaa, a company engaged in the study and coding of the digital behaviour of hospitality web users.