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BiAcademy: an opportunity for personal and professional growth

A place where knowledge, passion, entertainment and professionalism come together to form a team starting from shared values and arriving at the creation of a unique study and career path.

Physical interviews will be held between January and April in Ponzano (TV) or at San Francesco Village (Caorle, VE) and will involve about 45/50 people

BiAcademy is your opportunity to train in both theory and practice in order to make tourism your profession.


What is the BiAcademy

BiAcademy is an academic workshop, established in 2013 and realised thanks to the collaboration between BiHoliday, CISET – Ca’ Foscari University and specialised technology partners. It was designed and is supported by BiHoliday.


The goal is to train people and give value to our employees, who will be able to exercise this high-level training even after the season is over.


BiAcademy courses start on February 21, 2024.

The academy provides a total of 160 hours of mandatory attendance, divided into three days of training per week. The first class will be held at CISET in Treviso.

Those who pass the training programme will receive a final certificate confirming the skills acquired, which can be used in the future for job roles in the tourism sector.

What you will learn

Training offer

The training offer will be articulated according to various learning levels and is intended for both existing team members and new recruits.

We will start from the sociology and international market study, and then focus on the new levers of contemporary marketing and communication.

The course includes tests and interviews between teacher and new employee to check the progress of the work and to verify the relevance of the teaching provided.

In line with our inclusive and comprehensive training philosophy, BiAcademy offers two parallel paths:

  • Basic Course: designed to introduce participants to the basic concepts of the tourism industry, providing a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills.
  • Advanced Course: focused on more in-depth content, it is ideal for those who wish to further expand their skills and gain a more detailed understanding of the travel world.


You will learn techniques for analysing and increasing guest satisfaction.


You will learn how to manage all stages of the booking process, from quotation to final confirmation.


From the psychological basics of hospitality to inclusive hospitality, you will discover the right techniques for interacting with guests.


You will receive the tools to help guests in planning a fun holiday for the whole family.

Tourism web marketing

You will learn how the complex digital ecosystem works and what impacts it has on the world of tourism

Knowledge of the territories

Experienced local guides will share the culture, traditions and curiosities of our territories to better advise our guests.


Taught by industry experts and designed to engage students in a rich, interactive learning environment by combining in-depth theory and real-life case studies.


After attending the lectures and successfully passing the relevant exams, BiAcademy students receive a diploma, which, by certifying qualified skills in the tourism sector, is also spendable in the working world with other entities.


Designed to hone language skills in real tourism contexts, they enable students to interact effectively with international guests. Through direct interactions, participants will develop the ability to confidently handle complex communication situations.

The course modules are designed to offer theoretical information and practical skills. Classes are held at CISET headquarters (Ca’ Foscari University – Venice), at our Resorts and offices and, some, online.

Therefore, one-to-one meetings with professionals and lecturers from the field will be of fundamental support to the final achievement of the accreditation.

We look forward to seeing you at BiHoliday

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We are currently training teams for the next seasons for our camping resorts in Fažana (Croatia) and Caorle (Venice), and we have vacancies in our offices in Fažana and Ponzano Veneto: check out the opportunities and start your journey with BiHoliday!